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The symbolism of fine gemstones used in our creations

Some consider them to bring benefits to our inner energy, in adition, these gemstones are said to be magical, according to some traditions. Discover below what each of them symbolize

The stones used in the jewelries

Stone of harmony that helps to take a step back from situations, on our emotions and helps to dispel negative energies, thoughts and irritation. It thus promotes the feeling of happiness.

Associated with the sign of Taurus, and a powerful stone of protection, black spinel has the gift of removing sadness and negative ideas about oneself. It is a stone that helps people who stress easily or suffer the symptoms of states of sadness; it makes the user feel immediate calm. This mineral fills with courage to face with flying colors all the obstacles and difficulties of life.

Black agate is a stone of grounding and luck. It brings emotional, physical and intellectual balance by eliminating energy blockages. It is a soothing stone, calming inexplicable anxieties and which acts gently by conferring strength and perseverance. It helps to develop calm and serenity by freeing us from our inner anger.

It is a stone that facilitates communication, it promotes personal expression, helps to verbalize thoughts. It promotes ease and stimulates the ability to listen and understand.

The main property of this agate is to bring stability and intellectual balance, it is a stone of luck and an anchor stone. It calms anxieties, soothes and helps build self-confidence while accepting ourselves as we are. Stone of courage, it serves as a lifesaver to the one who wears it.

Very positive stone. It brings softness and calm. It acts on the excess of aggressiveness, irritability. It avoids excessive outbursts and strengthens diplomacy. It helps to overcome shyness and thus to have a more calm and thoughtful expression.

Stone of appeasement, tranquility and peace. It absorbs negative energies, brings peace and harmony by removing guilt, anxieties and internal or external conflicts. It thus helps to strengthen emotional bonds.

Stone of joy, opening of the heart, it reassures and gives vitality, energy and dispels anxiety. It is said to brings benefits of initiative, decision making and encourages to develop a positive attitude and project an optimistic future.

This stone helps to faithfully believe in oneself, and to become more spontaneous. It gives courage and motivation. It promotes creativity, a responsible attitude and concentration.

Stone of transformation. It helps to overcome the obstacles of life by providing vitality, energy and strength. It gives courage to those who want to undertake projects and better understand what they want to get straight to the point.

This stone transmits energy and courage to go beyond our own usual limits. It helps to gain respect and to build self-confidence. This stone makes it easier to communicate, concentrate and listen to oneself and others. It teaches patience.

Natural stone that improves self-acceptance and self-confidence. It gives you courage to face difficult situations. It promotes clairvoyance, eliminates inner anger, and thus, possesses the property of erasing any type of emotional trauma.

This stone belongs to the garnets family. Soothing stone that helps the wearer to get out of conflicts and find a soul mate.

Stone of protection that absorbs negative energies, bad intentions that may affect your mental balance and your clarity of mind. It improves meditation by protecting mental invasive and intrusive pollution, also helps to eliminate negative vibrations.

Stone of communication, it helps the wearer to communicate his/her emotions and feelings. It brings fullness and inner peace and thus, it helps to evacuate stress. Stone of love and friendship, it helps to move forward and to get closer to others.

Stone that helps to get to better know oneself and to develop one’s personality without being influenced. Stone of balance, it brings serenity, calm and self-confidence.

Feminine stone that helps develop sensitivity, creativity and gentleness. It helps in decision making, promotes openness to others and stops the fear of others. Stone that helps develop our ability to feel, our sensitivity to art and beauty, to create and be inspired.

The moss agate is actually a neutral chalcedony enriched with inclusions. This stone soothes, stabilizes and promotes self-esteem. It brings stability, an intellectual balance. Full of energy, it helps to fight anxieties, pushes back our fears and accompanies us in the love of oneself.

Comfort stone. It benefits the ego and mental health by protecting us against negative energies, eliminating fears and sorrows. It improves self-confidence by reducing stress and leaves room for a mind of steel.

This stone reassures and soothes, brings emotional security, tenderness, calm and peace. Stone of love and forgiveness, it allows feelings to be exteriorized.

This stone inspires faith in love and self-love. It dispels the pain of old emotional wounds, especially those of childhood. It helps temper excessive emotions and understand their causes. It harmonizes love in the couple and in its wearer.

This stone benefits the soul, it helps fight against fears and anxieties, and ward off bad dreams. It brings peace and protection, and has a beneficial connection to people with chronic sadness and emotional blockages. It also brings courage to people lacking perseverance.

Stone of vitality, energy and realization. It is an important stimulator of memory and intellectual faculties. It promotes the creative capacities of the person who wears it, and sharpens the spirit of initiative.

Stone symbolizing open-mindedness and purity. It brings a feeling of invulnerability and serenity, eliminates discomfort and negative energies.

Stone that improves dreaming, stimulates the imagination and the creative process. It encourages righteousness and honesty, and gives self-confidence.

Stone of concentration and realization that helps calm strong emotions, improving lucidity and concentration. Stone of reflection, it helps put aside irrational fears, anxieties, and inner contradictions that imprison us. A stabilizing tool, it helps refocus your energies on reasonable goals to avoid failure and disillusionment.

This stone symbolizes understanding of oneself and the world around us. It helps to develop the cerebral environment in logic or cognitive situations. Calming, soothing, it brings courage and helps stopping fears.

This stone possesses a stable energy which reassures and encourages optimism and enthusiasm to fight against sadness and gloom. It helps concentration and warms moods. Source of light, heat and stable energy, it helps to radiate good humor and fight many negative feelings such as anger, stress, fear, anxiety, jealousy.

Powerful stone of intuition and openness. It evokes maternal love and tenderness. It stimulates the imagination and creativity. Being manufactured in the aquatic environment, the person who wears it, benefits him/herself from the energy of the water and rebalances the energy circulation between the body and the mind.

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